February 1, 2018

I have assembled this from a number of good articles: 

Despite any delays and the many unknowns, now is the time for businesses to be actively conducting a risk assessment, reviewing their insurance programmes and working to understand their exposures in both the short...

February 1, 2018

I recently read about a crash between two vintage cars at Goodwood, one valued at £4m the other at £1m - an expensive collision. It got me thinking about classic cars, which have been one of those assets that have risen in value quite considerably.

Unlike normal cars, w...

November 1, 2017

Why choose a business consultant? This is a question I often hear, and its a title I genuinely dislike. I consider myself to be a very experienced business person, who can add value to most organisations.

The question to discuss is the brief and the remuneratioin.

With o...

If your business isn't growing then it is getting smaller. Periods of consolidation, downsizing, economic downturn etc are all periods when a business can lose growth momentum and never regain it.

Having a business growth strategy is somthing at Matheno Business Solutio...

Interim management is the provision of effective business solutions by an independent, board or near-board level manager or executive, over a finite time span. Such complex solutions may include change, transformation and turnaround management, business improvement, cr...

When people voice their ideas, or call him ‘Jack’ instead of ‘Mr. Welch’ or when his Work-Out process is utilised, the corporation gets less formal. Jack doesn’t wear ties to work, he often holds informal meetings and encourages everyone to lighten up....

October 15, 2014

From a start up in June 2011 Mark Small from Huddersfield based Matheno Business Solutions has assisted MG Lites in building a £5m plus customer base through its innovation and distribution of energy saving lighting.

Initally developing the 8to5 Energy Saver tube the co...

October 14, 2014

Mark Small has worked with a strong team at Interior Goods Direct on a business growth strategy. This has seen 50% growth in a period of 7 months. IGD is fundementally an e-commerce business specialising in inteior window furnisings. With sites including:


October 14, 2014

Mark Small has been working with the team at Roann on a business transformation and growth project that to date has seen a sales increase of 55%. A strong team has been re-developed into a more sales orientated, customer focused unit, with performance targets and a bon...

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