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Covid 19 and beyond

Well..I'm not sure anyone had ever forecast this! But it’s happened, or is happening and needs no further discussion, we've all heard enough. The reality now is that we all have businesses to run in an environment that has changed. Many historic experiences are no longer relevant, and we have unchartered waters ahead.

So it’s get the business plan out of the bottom drawer, dust it off, and start to re-write. Businesses require a different strategic direction, re-sizing to fit with your changing customer base, re-capitalising to take account for what has happened, and what will or may happen, and close analysis of the new opportunities that are available.

Ensuring you have the skills at board level will be critical, to be fair it always has been, but now more than ever.

Financially I'm also looking for opportunity, so if you think a good Part Time FD is a good fit for you, then get in touch.

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